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ScanMate 11000

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ScanMate 11000

If you can see it – you’ll definitely believe it

The ultimate scanner for those who want more

The ScanMate 11000™ ultra high resolution desktop drum scanner is a repro professional’s dream. It provides the working environment and extra quality edge that only a drum scanner can deliver, for no more than the price of a professional flatbed.


Quality and flexibility

With a color resolution of 3 x 14 bits, the ScanMate 11000 offers excellent color depth. Its phenomenal optical scanning resolution of up to 11,000 dpi lets you enlarge originals to as much as 3600 % with perfect fidelity, and the state-of-the-art

optics system ensures razorsharp focus even at high enlargements. Optional ColorQuartet™ software provides modern color management with deviceindependent color, as well as a full range of professional scanning and separation tools in an easy and well thought out user interface. The ScanFlow System™, which is part of ColorQuartet, gives you an extremely efficient and flexible image handling system. It not only lets you overlap your work processes for faster throughput, but makes it possible to store multiple preview scans and image setups on disk. You can interrupt a batch scan and continue it later, with no loss of data. And you can set up the scanner to scan whole templates of images automatically.


CMYK and RGB with equal ease

The ScanMate 11000 is the ultimate scanner for prepress shops with high expectations as to quality, productivity and flexibility, especially for transparencies. If you need to handle reflection originals over A4 or 8.5” x 11”, add an efficient ScanMate flatbed scanner, which can be driven by the same software and computer as the ScanMate 11000. Photographers and photo labs will find the ScanMate 11000 perfectly suited to the demands of photorecorders and large format ink jet plotters. The ScanMate 11000 not only offers extremely accurate color matching, but also the resolution needed to produce large image files for these applications.

Fine design, inside and out

The ScanMate 11000 was designed from top to toe with ease of use in mind. No technical assistance is needed to install the scanner or to carry out routine maintenance, such as changing the lamps. Behind its striking exterior, the ScanMate

11000’s sturdy, modular construction and easily accessible parts maximize up-time. It’s simply the best desktop drum

scanner you can buy.




Transparencies and reflectives in positive or negative, color, gray scale or line art, with or without existing screen

Media carrier

Removable drum

Drum size

250 x 314 mm / 10“ x 12.5“

Scanning area

222 x 303 mm / 8.75” x 12”


Single-pass scanning Drum speed 400 to 1600 rpm

Scan resolution

50 to 11,000 dpi

Max. density

Up to 4.0

Sensor unit

3 photomultipliers (PMTs)

Color resolution

3 x 14-bit, 16,384 levels per color


Automatic or user-adjustable


Dichroic color filters

Light source

User-replaceable halogen lamp


Standard SCSI 2 to Macintosh or PC

Output format

TIFF RGB / CMYK / Lab / RGB 16-bit / Gray scale / Gray scale 16-bit / Line art EPS CMYK / RGB / Gray scale / Line art • PostScript (DCS) CMYK JPEG CMYK / RGB / Gray scale • Targa • Scitex CT


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