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Rappa has been on the market for 20 years. The narrower specialty refers to design, marketing, creative communications. We want to emphasize our specific way of working through an individual approach to you as a potential client, we try to find and implement the best solutions in your business with an emphasis on finding a financially favorable and time-saving solution. This page is a cross section of several works over the years. Design: includes designing various brochures, books, leaflets, flyers, stickers, all types of printed matter, logos, visual identity, mascots, graphics, illustrations, all types of digital or multimedia. Design: ppt presentation, editing of video and audio material, recording of video material from the ground and air (drone), creation of interactive banners, website. Making: books, magazines and all types of printed matter. Advertising, Creative communications, Digital marketing: help with presentation, organizing and furnishing of inventions, coming up with creative presentation and other creative solutions. Corporate gifts: corporate gifts by choice and their distribution. Organization of printing: printing of all types of printed paper, cardboard, large format printing. Industrial design: designing and making various useful items, 3d modeling.